About us

Fruitisimo was established 15 years ago and since the beginning it has displayed consistently increasing growth in terms of both sales and store count, due to how our brand resonates with current healthy lifestyle trends.

Over the past few years, Fruitisimo has gone from a small local company to a rapidly expanding mid-sized company which now operates in markets around Europe.

In 2008 we began operations in Slovakia, our first foreign market, and in 2016 we launched our first fresh juice bar in Budapest, Hungary. In 2017 Fruitisimo attracted significant investment which has allowed us to accelerate our expansion plans and develop new markets.

We now operate over 80 stores across Central and Eastern Europe, and are entering more European markets in the upcoming months.

How it started?

In the year 2000, as two students of University of Economics in Prague, we traveled to the United States to gain some real-life experience, where we worked in a restaurant together for the summer.

We started cleaning tables and washing dishes, then after a while we moved onto serving guests. Both of us were fascinated by the restaurant’s emphasis on the quality and freshness of their food, as well as the sophisticated, well-run system within the restaurant. We learned these new rules and procedures, even though their importance wasn’t always clear to us. However, we soon discovered their value in times when the restaurant was full but guests were still willing to wait an hour to get a table! Moments like this displayed the restaurant’s true quality, and instilled in us the importance of quality and well-organized systems.

A few years later, in 2003, we opened our first ice cream bar in Prague, followed shortly by our first fresh juice bar. And that’s how Fruitisimo started!

Our first priority was to perfect our sales procedures as well as staff training in order to make a reality that aligned with our vision as closely as possible. We wanted our customers to say to themselves, “We’ve always wanted a juice bar with this great atmosphere and level of customer care!”

We proceeded to open bar after bar. Over the past several years, filling key roles in both the marketing and sales departments has been crucial for our growth.



Fruitisimo is the fruitiest bar near you! Despite its Italian-sounding name – through which the company demonstrates its passion for fruit – Fruitisimo is of Czech origin. The Fruitisimo brand is best expressed by its slogan LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE; which for us means health, active lifestyles, fun, smiles and passion. This is Fruitisimo’s key strength, or “secret recipe”. „We are not about the fastest mixers or most powerful juicers. We are about people. We love what we do and for you to experience it on every visit.”

Key advantage

Each drink is freshly made upon your order, right in front of you. We call it FrontJuicing!

Fruitisimo is the most popular brand within its category, i.e. healthy snacks. We particularly benefit from our high brand awareness!

Fruitisimo was voted as a Czech Superbrand in 2016,2017 and 2018 and a Slovak Superbrand in 2017 and 2018.


Fruitisimo in the news

„Fruitisimo – a successful Czech juice bar chain – is expanding into new locations such as petrol stations, hospitals and schools.“

Forbes (cz), March 2016

„Hungarian consumers are falling in love with Fruitisimo – a Czech Juice Bar chain.“

Forbes (hu), March 2017

„Fashion that’s evergreen? A smile! Get one for free at Fruitisimo.“

Elle, May 2016

„Fruitisimo – your morning dose of happiness.“

Cosmopolitan, August 2015

More about Fruitisimo

Fruitisimo® trademark owner: ARNB sro / Fruitisimo Ltd. Bratří Dohalských 149/1, 190 00, Prague 9, Czech Republic


Fruitisimo has started with a master-multi franchise for the EU, US and Canada. This scope of expansions will accelerate our growth, because we offer a time-tested business opportunity and well-maintained brand. We believe the EU and US market in particular has great potential thanks to the more mature “healthy-life approach“ and the Fruitisimo brand is a great opportunity for F&B operators to enlarge the scale of their presence in existing markets.

The basic concept of benefits Fruitisimo®

The basic concept of benefits Fruitisimo:

  • Low initial investment to build a store
  • Above average profitability
  • A wide variety of retail formats (stores of different size)
  • Effective information system to help control a store
  • Central support startup and operations
  • Operational and marketing manuals, procedures and training
  • Proven marketing system
  • Quality control program

Requirements for the ideal licensee holder and the service provider:

  • Strong, market-oriented company, with experience in similar areas of business development, experience with gourmet brands (multi-brand franchise food groups with experience with Western brands, the food industry, hospitality, retail and other related services, the distribution company for food and beverages, developers and operators of shopping and business centers)
  • Knowledge of the local market
  • Sufficient equity / access to capital
  • Personal capacity and skills for national management and development of the network
  • Capacity planning and evaluation
  • Willingness to learn new procedures
  • Respect for the brand
  • Access to appropriate property and premises
  • Experience with Western practices and standards of safety and quality
  • Approach to supply chain sources (local / national)

Fruitisimo ® International  franchising enquiry :

Aleš Hrabák Head of Expansion
+420 725 556 851


+420 774 300 330


Bratri dohalskych 149/1,
19000 Prague 9
Czech republic


ARNB SK, sro
Kutuzovova 3
Bratislava-Nové Mesto 831 03,


Fruitisimo Kft.
Budapest Váci út 30. emelet 1132


Fruitisimo GmbH
Im Gewerbepark C 25
93059 Regensburg